What Our Clients Say About Us

Moosa Duke has been amazing from start to finish, after a year being wasted in my original claim Moosa Duke wasted no time in getting organised with the case. They have continuously been helpful throughout and in my eyes got the best out of the case.

I feel a lot better and easier now it has been resolved.

A E, July 2015

To a wonderful gracious lady Ms Duke, who has given us the care and attention that just brings out the caring nature in her and her remarkable ability to juggle hard cases and clients together and give results that are amazing. So thank you again to you and your staff for what you have done for us. Your hard working little angels in the office are a credit to you.

Thank you Ms Duke.

God Bless You. Long may you prosper. Thank you, so so much!

J & S – Leicester

Dear Ms Duke and Staff,

Thank you so much for all your assistance with our case. We have been provided with a highly professional service throughout the case and you and your staff have been friendly and approachable at all times. The outcome of the case has provided us with some much needed financial stability and has lifted a huge worry from us.

Once again please accept our very sincere thanks.

Kind Regards,


“I speak with past experience of solicitors and nothing compares with Moosa-Duke Solicitors.  I am so glad I found Moosa-Duke Solicitors and whatever the outcome, I will have no regrets. I had no hesitation to meet with Ms Duke after speaking with her on the phone”.

“My initial call through the legal helpline was taken by Catherine Leong who I found to be warm and professional and I just knew I was speaking to somebody who understood and it felt like a great load was lifted. She listened to me and calmed me down. Even counsellors have not taken the time to listen.  Catherine had empathy which I think is the training of a Moosa-Duke Solicitor.”

“I had talked about my case with another national renowned firm but felt that I was a ‘walking purse’, they just wanted my business case as opposed to offering me a personal touch which I found with Moosa-Duke Solicitors. The whole team at Moosa-Duke solicitors made me feel like a person and I really feel I’ve found a solicitor who is there for my partner and I, and who has ‘got my back’, literally because I have lost confidence in the NHS”.

“The combination of MDS in conjunction with the Cauda Equina Syndrome UK Charity made all the difference to me as it was a real turning point for me delivering a holistic approach to my case.  I was asked if I thought I would benefit from meeting a charity member with the same condition. I agreed wholeheartedly as I knew seeing somebody much further down the line could really help. It was a turning point for me as I was at my lowest ebb and very angry as a new sufferer of the condition”.

 RM – Leicester

The Firm

Moosa – Duke Solicitors were professional, straightforward and understanding of my needs. All the information given to me was presented in a friendly, straightforward and personal way. Whenever I was worried, whomever I spoke to was knowledgeable, calm and reassuring; they always put my mind at rest. They always made me feel like nothing I said was ever silly.

Every member staff was really warm, approachable, and dealt with me with kindness and empathy.  Everyone does above and beyond what I expected and hoped.

Moosa-Duke Solicitors has a family feel to it and I felt that my needs as a person were always put before my needs as a client. My claim lasted for four years and the staff at Moosa-Duke Solicitors has become an extended family.

Moosa- Duke Solicitors are not just a firm of solicitors; they have really tried to boost awareness and thus prevention of Cauda Equina Syndrome (CES) with people and doctors. They are not all talk and have taken action by volunteering for events, raising funds for the charity and promote awareness of the syndrome on their website.  I do not think any other firm would do as much as Moosa-Duke Solicitors do for their clients. I have no hesitation in recommending Moosa-Duke Solicitors.

Mehmooda Duke

Not only is Ms Duke an excellent solicitor, she is a supportive, caring and kind person. I felt like I was in safe hands throughout my claim, she explained every aspect to me and I always felt that she was fighting very hard on my behalf. I trusted her completely and I was sure she would do her utmost for me. She achieved a sizeable settlement and helped me to get an apology from the hospital regarding my treatment.

Ms Duke recently asked me to come with her to see a lady who had recently been diagnosed with the same condition as me. Ms Duke asked me because she was worried about how distraught the lady, who had just been diagnosed, was.  She thought that the lady needed me more than her as a lawyer at this stage.

I went along to the meeting with Ms Duke. We drove out to west Yorkshire to see the lady.

I spoke to the lady. This was the first time the lady had ever spoken to anyone with CES. I had the opportunity to talk her through practical things like how to use a catheter. The lady found it very helpful and said to me that it was the best thing that anybody had ever done. It was very sensitive and thoughtful of Ms Duke to arrange the meeting and I do not think any other solicitor would even think to do something like that.

The positive experience I had with my claim made it easier for me to understand what has happened to me. This in turn has allowed me to help other sufferers. I have become a trustee of the national Cauda Equina Syndrome UK charity. I was introduced to the Charity through Ms Duke. I would never have had the confidence to do this on my own and Ms Duke has helped boost my confidence, and allowed me to help other people.

I think everybody should have a Ms Duke in their lives. She made a big difference to my life!

Michelle Hughes (nee Chapman) – Leicester