Three Serious Incidents Reported In Leicester Hospitals in One Month

Posted By admin - 31st July 2017

The Leicester Mercury has reported that there were three serious incidents in Leicester Hospitals in May 2017.

The incidents, which were detailed in the hospital board papers, were as follows:
1. A woman in labour did not have anaesthetic medication correctly administered;
2. A chest x-ray revealed a guide wire had been left in a patient who had suffered a cardiac arrest and had a catheter fitted;
3. A nasogastric tube was wrongly placed in a patient who was brought into the coronary care unit at Glenfield Hospital having suffered a cardiac arrest.

The incidents are known as “never events”, which are serious, largely preventable patient safety incidents that should not occur if the available preventative measures have been implemented.

It is understood that none of the patients were harmed and that further training has been carried out by staff to ensure that their safety is tightened.

There was another serious incident in February 2017 when a woman had the wrong wisdom tooth removed while she was under general anaesthetic.

Moira Durbridge, Director of Safety and Risk at Leicester’s hospitals, said: “the relevant checks were made before the operation began, however, before the procedure began the surgeon became distracted by a problem viewing the patient’s dental x-rays and then removed the wisdom tooth on the other side in error.”

Ms Durbridge said an investigation had taken place and changes had been implemented to prevent the same thing happening again.

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