Brain Injury

Brain injuries can be acquired in many ways. This can be as a result of complications following surgery, administration of incorrect medication or even lack of oxygen during birth. The results are often devastating to both the sufferer and their family whose lives will never be the same again.

A severe head injury may cause bleeding, blood clots or a build-up of fluid, which puts pressure on the brain. This can sometimes lead to brain damage (brain injury) which can be temporary or permanent. Many sufferers often have to live with restricted movement, balance and speech problems and even cognitive impairment. This can cause problems in education, day to day living and employment thus making the effects of head injury and brain damage incredibly far reaching.


Case Study

Brain Damage and Death of Baby


A brain injury can bring significant and long term changes to the lives of the injured person and their families.

Have you or someone you know suffered from a brain injury because:

  • Healthcare professionals (ambulance, GP) failed to take you/refer you to hospital
  • GP/Medical staff failed to carry out an adequate examination/take an adequate history and therefore failed to recognise the symptoms
  • Diagnostic investigations (including CT/ MRI brain scan, angiography, ECG, lumbar puncture) were not carried out to an adequate standard which resulted in misdiagnosis or non-diagnosis of underlying brain injury
  • There was a delay in diagnosis of meningitis
  • There was a delay in diagnosing a subdural/extradural haemorrhage (from traumatic brain injury)
  • There was a delay in diagnosing a sub-arachnoid /intracerebral haemorrhage (a ruptured  cerebral aneurysm / spontaneous bleed)
  • Of Anaesthetic complications during surgery
  • There was an overdose of medication
  • There was a delayed delivery of a child leading to birth asphyxiation resulting in cerebral palsy
  • There was a delay in diagnosing and treating a stroke
  • And more…these are just examples.

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