No Win- No Fee

‘No Win – No Fee’ agreements are also known as Conditional Fee Agreements.

If you enter into a No Win – No Fee agreement, it means that you will not have to pay any of our legal fees if your claim does not succeed. We will only be paid if your claim succeeds.

We will discuss your claim with you and consider the merits of your claim. Provided that we are satisfied that your claim enjoys reasonable prospects, we will enter into a No Win – No Fee agreement with you.

It is important to note that the No Win – No Fee agreement only applies to our fees. We would therefore need to apply for After the Event Insurance (ATE) to insure you for the cost of any other payments (disbursements) that need to be made out on your behalf during the life of the claim e.g. fees for obtaining medical records and expert’s fees.

This will ensure that you are not out of pocket if your claim does not succeed.

We know that No Win – No Fee agreements are complex and we will happily explain them to you without lots of legal jargon.

If you would like to find out more about no win-no fee agreements, or alternative ways of funding a claim, such as private funding or damages-based agreements, call us on 0800 952 0010 or 0116 254 7456 or email: You can also enquire online by clicking here.