NHS dissatisfaction rises due to increased waiting times

Posted By admin - 9th February 2016

A recent BBC News report states that there has been a record rise in NHS dissatisfaction levels according to the British Social Attitudes Survey. This survey has been tracking satisfaction since 1983. The 2015 poll of nearly 2,000 people showed satisfaction with the NHS was at 60%.

The main reason given for their dissatisfaction was long waiting times, caused by there being insufficient staff in the departments. According to the NHS website, non-emergency NHS consultant-led treatment should commence within a maximum of 18 weeks of referral. For emergency treatment, the target is to treat or admit the patient within four hours of their arrival. This target is only being met in 88% of A&E patients, according to the Royal College of Emergency Medicine. Further to this, on 7 February 2016, BBC News reported that the A&E waiting time for more than 100,000 people in England was over 12 hours.

The consequences of the increased waiting times, according to BBC News, is that people are concerned the NHS may not be there for them when they need it. Furthermore, if some illnesses, such as cancer or infectious diseases, are not treated urgently, there can be serious consequences.

MDS Solicitors hopes that the NHS will put steps in place to ensure patients are not waiting for so long before being seen by the medical professionals.

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