Hospital Trust Rated Inadequate

Posted By admin - 25th August 2020

As recently reported by the BBC, Basildon University Hospital in Essex has been rated as inadequate and “a lack of learning” has led to the same failings being repeated as were seen previously in relation to the death of a young mother. 

Gabriella Pintilie died shortly after giving birth by C-section to her second child at  Basildon Universal Hospital in 2019.  The Trust was also criticised following the death of baby Ennis Pecaku in 2018. 

The CQC inspection noted:

  • A lack of staff with the necessary skill and experience.
  • High-risk women giving birth in low-risk areas.
  • Dysfunctional working between midwives, doctors and consultants leading to increased numbers of safety incidents being reported.
  • Concerns over foetal heart monitoring.
  • Delayed responses of consultants in attending emergencies.
  • Patients being referred to by room numbers instead of their names.

Ms Panniker, Chief Executive of Mid and South Essex NHS Foundation Trust commented that £1.8 million had been invested in staffing and a new clinical director was now in position.  She advised that they were focused on making improvements.

It is always a tragedy when there are deaths to mothers or babies following childbirth.  However, the tragedy is more profound if it arises due to mistakes or failings in the healthcare provided. 

It is essential when failings are identified, especially when they lead to tragic outcomes, that lessons are learned so that the same mistakes are not repeated.  It has to be hoped following the CQC inspection that there will be further improvements at this Trust, providing reassurance to patients. 

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