Contaminated Blood Inquiry

Posted By admin - 5th July 2019

A public inquiry has started after it has emerged that contaminated blood products were given to patients in the 1970s and 1980s who suffered with a condition called Haemophilia. The infected blood products contained a crucial blood clotting agent called Factor VIII but were contaminated with HIV and / or Hepatitis C and as a result lives were lost and families impacted.

Haemophilia is a condition, which impairs the body’s ability to produce the blood clots needed to stop bleeding. The patients were given the clotting agents they needed in routine blood transfusions but the donated blood came from donors infected with hepatitis C and HIV. Some of the donors had been paid to donate blood.

Some of the patients were not told for 20 years that they had contracted hepatitis C or HIV.

A public inquiry has been opened and its aim is to answer the crucial question of how the patients were given the contaminated blood/ blood products.

It is estimated that 2000 people have died after contracting HIV or hepatitis from the infected blood treatment. The inquiry is currently ongoing.

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