Unnecessary Cancer Operations – Patients Health Put at Risk – Mr Paterson Breast Surgeon Operates When Not Necessary

Posted By admin - 13th November 2012

We all expect to receive the highest standard of care possible when visiting our doctor. Unfortunately this is not always the case.

Clinical negligence is not just about the failure to do something; in some cases, taking the wrong action, which can appear to be positive at the time,  can be just as devastating. This is highlighted by recent claims that “rogue” breast surgeon, Ian Paterson, carried out “unnecessary or inappropriate” operations on more than 1,000 women. Since 1994, Mr Paterson has treated thousands of women who had either found lumps in their breasts or were concerned about breast cancer. He operated on patients using his “cleavage-sparing” technique, which leaves some of the breast tissue intact for cosmetic reasons. A technique which, unbeknown to his patients, also increased the likelihood of the disease returning.  Mr Paterson, a breast cancer specialist, worked at NHS and private hospitals across the Midlands from 1994 until he was suspended last month pending a fitness to practice hearing.

If you have been treated by Mr Paterson you may be entitled to compensation and, as one of a small number of firms in the country who deal exclusively with clinical negligence, Moosa-Duke Solicitors possess the knowledge and expertise to help you pursue a successful claim.

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