Surgery And Anaesthetics

General Surgery

Has someone you know died unexpectedly during or shortly after surgery?

Have you or someone you know:

  • Been admitted to intensive care after what should have been a routine procedure? eg a routine balloon angioplasty;
  • Had to have a second operation or had to be readmitted unexpectedly after surgery?
  • Suffered from a urinary tract injury , bowel injury (perforated bowel), perforated uterus or deep vein thrombosis following surgery?
  • Suffered from nerve damage after surgery?
  • Had a Gall bladder operation that went wrong?
  • Had keyhole surgery that went wrong?

Orthopaedic Surgery

Have you/someone you know

  • Suffered from Cauda Equina Syndrome because the GP or hospital delayed in doing spinal surgery?
  • Had a hip replacement that went wrong?
  • Had a delay in diagnosis of a fracture?
  • Had screws inserted wrongly?
  • Suffered from Compartment Syndrome

Plastic/Cosmetic surgery

Have you/someone you know

  • Had breast implants that went wrong?
  • Had a breast reduction that went wrong?


  • Did an Anaesthetic lead to someone dying or suffering permanent brain damage, kidney or liver failure?
  • Did an Anaesthetic lead to damage to teeth, lips, gums?
  • Did an Anaesthetic lead to nerve damage?
  • Did an Anaesthetic cause a heart attack?
  • Did an Anaesthetic tube in the throat cause laryngeal or throat damage?
  • Did an Anaesthetic cause fitting or burns?
  • Did an Anaesthetic cause loss of memory or some paralysis?

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