Bacterial Meningitis

There are two types of meningitis; Bacterial and Viral. Bacterial meningitis is caused by certain types of bacteria and spreads through very close contact. Viral meningitis is caused by viruses that can be spread through coughing and poor standards of hygiene.

Meningitis is more common in children but can still occur in adults. Symptoms include a blotchy rash, headache, muscle aches, stiff neck and fever. However, not everyone with meningitis will present with the same symptoms which can make diagnosis difficult. Most frequently, meningitis is wrongly diagnosed as the flu due to the similarity in symptoms. It is essential that health care professionals are able to distinguish between meningitis and other similar conditions in order that the correct treatment is quickly carried out and serious damage, or even death, be prevented.

Have you or someone you know experienced the following:

  • Delay in the treatment of meningitis
  • Delay in the diagnosis of meningitis
  • Poor standard of care whilst undergoing treatment for meningitis
  • Misdiagnosis of meningitis for another illness such as the flu
  • Delays and errors with essential tests associated with meningitis

Undiagnosed or mistreated meningitis can cause the following complications:

  • Partial of full sight loss
  • Partial of full hearing loss
  • Problems with memory, concentration or balance
  • Epilepsy
  • Cerebral Palsy
  • Speech Problems
  • Gangrene

Whether you are the parent of a child who has had meningitis or an adult suffering the debilitating aftereffects of the illness, contact us today to find out whether or not you are able to make a claim for compensation.