Transforming Lives – Innovations for Amputee Living Conference

Posted By admin - 4th October 2017

On 26th September 2017, Moosa-Duke’s Adam Moosa and Navdeep Kainth attended Pace Rehabilitation’s annual conference, “Transforming Lives – Innovations for Amputee Living”.

Pace Rehabilitation is one of the UK’s market leaders for providing rehabilitation and prosthetics for amputees and individuals who have suffered serious limb injuries.

Individuals from a variety of backgrounds attended, including claimant and defendant solicitors, case managers and occupational therapists.

The conference covered a number of topics, providing both a fascinating insight into the rapid technological advancements being made with prosthetics, as well as amputees giving inspirational testimonies into how these technological advancements have allowed them to achieve extraordinary things.

Specialists from a variety of fields explained the new technology being used with prostheses, such as the use of microprocessor prosthetic knees (MPKs). MPKs are capable of calculating power adjustments in milliseconds allowing lower limb amputees to perform day to day tasks such as sitting, standing from a seating position and walking up and down inclines significantly reducing the risk of tripping. Also covered were the new and innovative techniques that bespoke sockets are manufactured, such as using air and water pressure casting. The techniques allow a much tighter, better fitting, mould around the limb stump to be made. This in turn reduces the risk of friction between the prosthesis and the stump, reducing the occurrence of fluid build up and sores.

Amputees provided personal accounts of living with their disability, practical challenges faced on a daily basis and how state of the art prostheses have helped them to achieve lifelong dreams and goals.

It was inspiring to hear from many individuals affected by the trauma of amputation.  Annabelle Turner, who suffered a leg amputation has now returned to her passion of dancing and performed an energetic break dance routine. She is training to become a solicitor.

Vicky Balch, who suffered a leg amputation as a result of an accident on the Smiler ride at Alton Towers, explained how the team at Pace helped to provide her with a bespoke leg, capable of withstanding extreme heat, allowing her to go on an expedition with the BBC to Vietnam.

Duncan Slater, a double leg amputee, gave his story about how advancements in socket technology allowed him to make history by walking across the Sahara desert in 6 days; the equivalent of 6 marathons!

Whilst the advancements being made are truly incredible, unfortunately they come at a significant cost; upwards of £40,000. Unfortunately, this means that these state of the art prosthetics are not available on the NHS. Nevertheless, it is truly humbling to hear the stories of amputees who have benefitted from the new technology.

Moosa-Duke Solicitors has expertise in helping individuals who have suffered amputations through no fault of their own.  If you or a loved one have concerns about the care or treatment received, please contact us on 0116 254 7456 for a no obligation conversation.