Thousands of patients at risk of chronic pain after being fitted with hernia mesh implants

Posted By admin - 3rd July 2017

A recent investigation carried out by the BBC’s Victoria Derbyshire programme found that nearly half of the people who have undergone hernia repair surgery using mesh implants are at risk of developing chronic pain.

Most surgical mesh devices are made from either synthetic materials or animal tissue and are used to treat thousands of hernias per year in England. NHS England said that mesh implants have been extensively and successfully used to treat hernias for several decades and are the ‘recommended method’ of treatment.

NHS data from the Hospital Episodes Statistics shows that Between April 2007 and March 2015 92,000 women had vaginal mesh implants fitted, from which on average 1 in 11 women experienced complications.

Peter Jones, former General Surgeon, spent the majority of his career removing mesh implants from hernia patients. He stated that “Severe pain is a common problem and patients aren’t being warned about it… At least half of patients who have a mesh repair will have a smooth recovery, but in my opinion the risks of a poor outcome are so bad, I wouldn’t want to take that risk.”

A number of surgeons have called for the NHS to offer patients a mesh-free alternative treatment option for hernias in the groin so that patients can have a choice of treatment. However, The Royal College of Surgeons maintains that while “any poor outcomes are regrettable”, mesh implants are the “most effective” way to deal with a hernia.

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