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Successful case following fatal delay in the diagnosis of cancer of the ureter

Posted By K Dakin - 08 September 2021

What Happened to Mr X? Mr X, was the victim of a negligent delay in the diagnosis of cancer of the ureter. Mr X had difficulties urinating and noticed blood when passing urine. attended hospital and cancerous tumours were detected in his ureter. underwent a course of BCG, an immunotherapy treatment for treating early-stage uretic and bladder cancer. Following this…

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Successful Claim Following Hip Surgery Failures

Posted By admin - 29 October 2020

Moosa-Duke Solicitors have successfully secured a six figure settlement for Mrs X, following a failure to correct a leg length discrepancy after hip replacement revision surgery. Mrs X had a hip replacement, which became loose after 4 years and she required revision surgery. After the revision, she suffered a hip dislocated and she needed to have a second revision procedure.…

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Successful Settlement Following Ruptured Appendix

Posted By admin - 25 June 2020

Moosa-Duke Solicitors have recently settled the case of Mr X following a delay in diagnosing appendicitis. He developed abdominal pain and sought assistance from an urgent care centre; however, he was told that there was nothing to worry about and his symptoms were dismissed as being due to constipation.   Mr X called an ambulance the next day as his…

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Moosa-Duke Solicitors secures compensation due to negligently performed hip surgery

Posted By admin - 16 November 2018

Moosa Duke Solicitors have secured compensation on behalf of Mr Y, who underwent negligently performed hip replacement surgery. As a result, Mr Y experienced unnecessary pain and required additional major procedures (including a re revision of the hip) which would not otherwise have been needed. Expert evidence obtained on behalf of Mr Y confirmed that it likely that he will…

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Successful Case Following Tragic Delays in Delivery

Posted By admin - 06 November 2018

Moosa-Duke Solicitors represented Mrs X in respect of her claim for clinical negligence against a Hospital Trust in relation to the management of her labour, prior to her baby being still born. It was the evidence of Mrs X’s breach of duty expert that prolonged deceleration and short bradycardia on the CTG trace, demonstrated a change in foetal heart rate,…

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