Care Quality Commission identify multiple failings across Private Hospitals

Posted By admin - 20th April 2018

An investigation of 206 private hospital carried out by the Care Quality Commission has concluded that there are concerns of an ‘old fashioned’ approach to consultations and a reliance on old systems which led to a lack of monitoring and checks.

Following the failings that allowed rogue surgeon Ian Paterson to harm patients, leading him to being sentenced to 20 years in jail, there has been growing concern relating to surgeons providing treatment in private hospitals.  This prompted a comprehensive investigation of the practices of 206 private hospitals by the Care Quality Commission.

The Care Quality Commission’s findings indicate there to be a concern about the ‘old-fashioned’ approach to consultations, relying on old systems, which led to a lack of monitoring and checks.  Regulators have picked up that there was a ‘real danger’ of poor practices not being challenged or missed.

It has been highlighted that there is ‘significant concern’ relating to governance and safety. There has been a lack of thorough checks and monitoring of senior surgeons and doctors to ensure that they were undertaking treatments within their specialist area and that they were carried out in a safe way.

Chief inspector of hospitals, Professor Ted Baker, said “Too often, safety was viewed as the responsibility of individual clinicians, rather than a corporate responsibility supported by formal governance processes”.

“Where we found failings, we have been clear that improvements must be made, using our enforcement powers, where needed, to protect people.”

Dr Howard Freeman, of the NHS Partners Network, which represents private providers, said providing safe and high quality care was a ‘top priority’ and hospitals are responding quickly to the problems in question.


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