NHS experience delays in thousands of cancer patients

Posted By admin - 14th August 2018

It has been reported that nearly 10% of cancer patients are facing significant delays before starting their treatment.

Almost two-thirds of hospitals across the UK were unable to provide first appointments within 14 days, meaning only 91.1% of all people referred were seen within two weeks, missing the national target by 1.9%.

In the month of June 2018 alone, 16,235 patients did not get a specialist appointment within two weeks, as is guaranteed by the NHS.

This delay in delivering specialist cancer care by the NHS  is reportedly due to its ongoing work to improve the early detection of cancer by encouraging doctors to refer more patients with suspected cases.

The policy director of Macmillan Cancer Support, a leading charity, states: “It mustn’t be forgotten that at the heart of these figures are thousands of cancer patients and their families having their lives put on hold for months on end as a result.”

The performance of the NHS is concerning for many patients and could lead to detrimental consequences. However, it is hoped that the increase in budget, and the promise made by the Prime Minister and NHS England chief executive Simon Stevens to improve cancer care as a key part of the NHS’s 10 year plan, will improve the performance of NHS services in the future.

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