NHS Cost Cutting Leads to Concerns Over Safety During Childbirth

Posted By admin - 18th April 2016

An inquest last month heard that an infant’s death would have been avoided if his mother had been given a planned caesarean, it has been reported.

Tracey Taylor, 32, from North London apparently pleaded several times for a Caesarean Section during the birth of her baby, Kristian Jaworski, but doctors insisted on a natural birth and tried to pull him out with forceps. He suffered severe brain damage and died five days after his birth at North Middlesex University Hospital in Tottenham, North London, in 2015.

An inquest last month into Kristian’s death found that he would be alive today if his mother had been given a planned caesarean. It has been reported that Senior coroner Andrew Walker has warned that the NHS is risking future deaths after hearing how the baby died, and has now written to the Department of Health to raise concerns about women’s access to caesareans.

His report into the death of Kristian found there appeared to be a financial reason for favouring a natural birth ‘that needed to be rebutted’. The hospital said cost had not been a consideration.

Miss Taylor said she was treated like an ‘over-anxious woman’ when she voiced her concerns about a natural birth. She told Radio 4’s Today programme: ‘I don’t want anyone else to go through the same thing. I feel I was treated like an over-anxious woman who was too frightened to give birth, when that was never terminology that I used. I went in there with a reason which is something that a woman wouldn’t just make up. I was told I had a narrow birth canal.’

But Mr Walker’s report states that Miss Taylor’s medical notes made no reference to the fact she had been advised to have a caesarean.

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