MRSA Claims

Contracting MRSA is now a primary fear for patients admitted to hospital, as it is known to be the cause of several hard-to-treat infections in humans – most of which can result in serious illness or even death. The bacterium has developed throughout a process of natural selection, and is known to be resistant to common antibiotics such as the penicillin series of medication, and the cephalosporins. MRSA is growing ever more present in medical centres such as hospitals and nursing homes where open wounds, invasive devices  and patients with poor immunity are present.

If a healthcare professional has failed to abide by the strict rules on hygiene in medical outlets and you or a friend/relative has contracted MRSA as a result, you may be able to make a claim for Medical Negligence.

Case Study:

Moosa-Duke Solicitors have previously secured compensation for an MRSA claim as a result of Medical Negligence in a Leicestershire Hospital. Our client was receiving treatment at the hospital when he was required to have a cannula inserted into his arm. It was alleged that the hospital staff had failed to comply with the hospital’s skin disinfection procedure before the cannulation, a move that ultimately resulted in our client being diagnosed with an MRSA-related infection, falling severely ill following his discharge, and his re-admission to hospital for treatment. The hospital denied liability but agreed to settle the case. Click here to read the full case study.

Making an MRSA-related Claim

It is now possible for lawyers to use health and safety legislation as a basis for compensation claims, which means an upsurge in MRSA cases against medical institutions is likely to rise.

In the past MRSA cases have been difficult to prove in regards to cause and effect, as patients affected by MRSA and bringing medical negligence claims have been unable to pinpoint when, how and where the infection was contracted. However the legal changes – under which lawyers can use workplace health and safety laws to formulate a basis for an MRSA claim – means that medical professionals are now required to carry out an assessment of the risks from hazards to which patients may be exposed. It is this point that enables MRSA claims to be brought as it places the burden on the professional to prove that they were following the correct procedures at the time.

Medical professionals are required to carry out the following procedures to limit the spread of the MRSA bacteria:

  • Hand-washing before/after every patient assessment, or when entering/leaving wards.
  • Using disposable gloves
  • Using disposable gowns
  • Isolating patients carrying MRSA
  • Follow skin disinfection procedures
  • Use sterilised medical instruments

Failure to follow these procedures means that the bacteria spreads much more easily, and thus places hospitals under liability if any of their patients contract MRSA whilst in their care.

So if you or someone that you know has been exposed to MRSA during a visit to or stay in a medical/care establishment you may be entitled to compensation. Please contact us today to discuss your claim.