Report confirms 25% reduction in mental health beds since 2010

Posted By Kirsty Dakin - 14th July 2021

We are concerned to read a report that mental health services are at a crisis point due to a 25% reduction in beds since 2010. Many patients are unable to access the care they need and their health suffers as a result. We have seen the devastating impact that negligent […]

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CQC downgrades maternity units across the UK

Posted By Kirsty Dakin - 13th July 2021

It has been reported that the CQC has downgraded another maternity unit, in Salisbury, due to concerns about culture and safety. Salisbury District Hospital joins maternity units in North London, Sheffield, Colchester and Ipswich, which have all also been downgraded in recent weeks. The inspection in Salisbury in March 2021 […]

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Trials of scan that could detect breast cancer earlier

Posted By Kirsty Dakin - 12th July 2021

1 in 8 women are diagnosed with breast cancer in the UK. Currently, women have mammograms or ultrasound scans, but these can miss cancer in many cases, particularly in younger women. Trials of a new technique, called multiparametric MRI, which is widely used across Europe and the US, are due […]

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Slow progress in women’s health inquiry

Posted By Kirsty Dakin - 9th July 2021

A review carried out by Baroness Julia Cumberlege into medications and medical devices, which have caused harm to women, or their babies. An epilepsy drug, valproate, increases risks of harm to babies if women take it during pregnancy. Pelvic mesh implants used to treat prolapse and incontinence have been found […]

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Cancer surgeries cancelled in Leeds

Posted By Kirsty Dakin - 8th July 2021

Many patients who were waiting for cancer surgery at Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust have had urgent surgeries cancelled due to rising numbers of coronavirus infections. The waiting list of patients who need to undergo surgery is now at more than 5 million. We hope that the delays do not […]

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Group B Strep Awareness Month

Posted By Kirsty Dakin - 7th July 2021

Group B Strep is the commonest cause of severe infections in newborns and meningitis in babies under 5 but many people know nothing about it until their child, or someone in their family, is affected. July is Group Strep B Awareness Month 2021. Group B Strep Support is raising awareness […]

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Maternity services have not improved quickly enough

Posted By Kirsty Dakin - 6th July 2021

The Health and Social Care Committee has released a report, which states that there is a “culture of blame” in maternity services in England that prevent staff admitting mistakes and has led to lessons not being learned. The report found that maternity services have improved in recent years, but there […]

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Review of maternity care across NHS

Posted By Kirsty Dakin - 5th July 2021

It has been announced that the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists will undertake a review of maternity care across the NHS to try to improve safety and reduce the number of stillbirths, neonatal and maternal deaths and babies born with brain injuries. The Avoiding Brain Injuries in Childbirth review […]

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July is Sarcoma Awareness month

Posted By Kirsty Dakin - 2nd July 2021

The symptoms of bone cancers can often appear similar to other more common conditions, such as arthritis, or sports injuries. The Bone Cancer Research Trust is raising awareness of sarcoma in July and their website contains lots of ways that people can get involved so that people know what to […]

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Investigation finds evidence of failures in Nottingham maternity services

Posted By Kirsty Dakin - 1st July 2021

A joint investigation between Channel 4 News and The Independent has found that 46 babies born at the Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust maternity services between 2010 and 2020 have suffered brain damage and 19 were stillborn. The investigation revealed evidence of poor care and repeated failures to properly investigate […]

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