Another maternity unit criticised

Posted By Kirsty Dakin - 29th July 2021

CQC inspectors have criticised the maternity unit at Portsmouth’s Queen Alexandra Hospital due to staffing issues. It is reported that the service did not always have enough maternity staff with the right qualifications to keep women and babies safe from avoidable harm. Staff in the maternity unit have also reported […]

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Kiwi House in Derby “inadequate”

Posted By Kirsty Dakin - 28th July 2021

We are disappointed to learn that a care home in Derby, Kiwi House, has been rated as “inadequate” following an inspection by the CQC, which was prompted by a death of one of the residents. It was reported that residents had not always been protected from avoidable harm, including falls, […]

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NHS England aims to put mental health on an equal footing with physical health

Posted By Kirsty Dakin - 27th July 2021

We are pleased to see that NHS England wants to introduce new waiting time targets for patients who attend A&E suffering a mental health crisis so that they are seen much faster than before. The aim is to create parity between mental health and physical health. There are currently targets […]

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Treatment approved for bile duct cancer

Posted By Kirsty Dakin - 26th July 2021

After a decade without any improvement in treatment for bile duct cancer, the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence has approved a new drug, pemigatinib. The drug will be an option to treat people if cancer continues to spread after initial chemotherapy. Bile duct cancer (cholangiocarcinoma) is a rare […]

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Swansea University study could be life-changing

Posted By Kirsty Dakin - 23rd July 2021

A study by Swansea University is aiming to use 3D printing technology to help people born without body parts, or who have suffered facial scarring due to trauma or illness. The BBC has reported that the technology will be used to build a new ear for a 10-year-old girl born […]

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Lack of regulation in non-surgical beauty treatments “dangerous”

Posted By Kirsty Dakin - 22nd July 2021

A recent government review has found that the lack of regulation in non-surgical treatments is dangerous and has made 17 recommendations to be implemented, including mandatory training for all practitioners and a national licensing system to ensure that premises meet hygiene requirements. The treatments, such as Botox-style injections and lip […]

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Inadequate care at Healthlinc House in Lincolnshire

Posted By Kirsty Dakin - 21st July 2021

A CQC inspection found that the service provided by Healthlinc House in Lincolnshire is “inadequate” and that there are not enough staff to deliver safe care. The service is for people with autism and learning disabilities and has now been placed into special measures. Inspectors said that the poor staffing […]

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Review of Nottingham’s maternity services

Posted By Kirsty Dakin - 16th July 2021

Following the investigation by Channel 4 and the Independent, which reported that dozens of babies had died or had been seriously harmed at Nottingham’s Queen’s Medical Centre and City Hospital, it has now been announced that there will be an independent review to “establish whether there was effective reporting, investigation […]

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Recent report cites significant concerns over gallbladder surgery

Posted By Kirsty Dakin - 15th July 2021

It is estimated that around 10% to 15% of adults in the UK have gallstones.  They are normally small and made of cholesterol and form in the gallbladder.  In most cases, they do not require any treatment but in a small proportion of people gallstones can cause complications, such as […]

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Highest number of people waiting for transplants in 6 years

Posted By Kirsty Dakin - 15th July 2021

A report by NHS Blood and Transplant shows that the number of people waiting for lifesaving organ transplant surgery has increased to almost 7000, which is the highest number in almost 6 years. The pandemic has led to a backlog of referrals and increasing waiting lists; however, 80% of NHS […]

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