Moosa Duke Solicitors Secure £3million compensation

Posted By admin - 5th August 2014

Moosa Duke Solicitors have in the last 2 weeks secured compensation of £3 million for a mother in a wrongful birth claim where a baby was born with a serious medical condition. The law on wrongful birth claims is very complex, and therefore Moosa Duke solicitors are very pleased with […]

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Use of Vaginal Mesh to be Avoided Where Possible

Posted By admin - 10th October 2018

As recently reported in the BBC, new draft guidelines for the NHS are advising that women who need treatment for urinary incontinence should only be offered mesh surgery as a last resort. The Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists and the British Society of Urogynaecology have confirmed their support of […]

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Investigation into the Shrewsbury Maternity Unit widens as more families come forward

Posted By admin - 5th October 2018

The Telegraph has reported that an independent review into maternity care provided by the Shrewsbury and Telford NHS Trust (“the Trust”), has increased into looking at over 100 cases. In 2017, the former Health Secretary, Jeremy Hunt, ordered an independent inquiry led by Ms Donna Ockenden, a Senior Midwife. At […]

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Pathology staff shortages leads to patient diagnosis delays

Posted By admin - 3rd October 2018

The BBC has reported that a survey held by the Royal College of Pathologists indicates that patients are facing delays in diagnosis due to shortages among pathology staff. The survey found that of the NHS histopathology departments that responded, only 3% had enough staff to meet current clinical demand. Professor […]

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Calls for more monitoring to ensure parents receive right meningitis advice

Posted By admin - 25th September 2018

The Meningitis Research Foundation is campaigning for more urgency and monitoring to ensure that parents receive proper advice regarding potential bacterial meningitis and sepsis cases among babies and young children. Kirstie Walkden, a mother to a nine month old, is supporting this campaign. Mrs Walkden’s daughter, Amy, had been taken […]

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NHS Missing Cancer Patient Treatment Targets

Posted By admin - 18th September 2018

As highlighted in a recent BBC report, the NHS is failing to meet their targets for cancer patients to commence treatment, following referral by a GP. The target is for patients to receive treatment within 62 days.  The NHS aims to meet this target 85% of the time, but this […]

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Charity Walk for Healing Little Hearts

Posted By admin - 13th September 2018

On Saturday 15 September 2018, in order to help raise money for the Healing Little Hearts charity, Moosa-Duke Solicitors staff will be joined by members of the business, legal and medical community in a 12 mile hike across the peak district. 77 people are expected to participate in the walk, […]

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Paper prescriptions close to being phased out by NHS.

Posted By admin - 12th September 2018

After the Government announced their multi – year plan for the NHS, the Independent reported that by 2021, a move to scrap paper prescriptions under an NHS digital shakeup could save the NHS £300m and would allow more electronic authorising of medicines. The Health and Social Care Secretary, Mr Hancock […]

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NHS denying women the right to choose a caesarean

Posted By admin - 7th September 2018

The BBC recently reported that women at 75% of the UK’s maternity units are being denied their right to choose to have their baby by caesarean section delivery. Guidance provided by the National Institute for Clinical Excellence (NICE) states that women should be allowed to choose to have an elective […]

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England in maternity crisis

Posted By admin - 4th September 2018

The Labour party has warned that England may face a maternity crisis as almost half of maternity units are having to turn away expectant mothers. It has been reported that such issues are due to staff shortages and lack of capacity. The Royal College of Midwives have warned that there […]

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Moosa-Duke Solicitors Walking for Charity

Posted By admin - 29th August 2018

On 15th September 2018, the team from Moosa-Duke Solicitors are leading a 12 mile walk in the Peak District to raise money for Healing Little Hearts. Our team are part of 55 women, men and children taking part in this challenge. This charity uses all the money it raises to help […]

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