Gynaecology is a speciality concerned with the diagnosis, investigation and treatment of the female reproductive system. Claims can arise as a result of complications following surgery or other procedure.
Gynaecological claims arising out of procedures that can lead to injuries through incompetence or negligence include:

• Unnecessary hysterectomy
• Gynaecological infections
• Failed sterilisation claims
• Pelvic floor repairs claims
• Dilatation and Curettage (D&C) leading to injuries
• Damage during laparoscopic investigations or surgery
• Cancer misdiagnosis- cervical cancer, ovarian cancer, endometrial cancer.
• Smear test errors
• Failure to diagnose tears after childbirth
• Incontinence following surgery
• Injury to bladder, bowel or uterus during hysterectomy
• Perforation of the uterus during the insertion of a contraceptive coil
• Damage occurring as a result of Caesarean section (e.g. damage to bladder, uterus and bowel)
• Injuries resulting in loss of child bearing potential

If you have suffered a Gynaecological injury as a result of the treatment that you have received or as a result of a failure by a doctor to diagnose your condition, then you may have claim for compensation. Please contact us for more information.