Children's Injuries

There are special rules that apply to claims brought on behalf of children with injuries. For legal purposes a child is a person under 18 years of age. Normally, any money that is recovered on behalf of a child must be paid into court (i.e. invested by the Court) until the child reaches 18 years of age when it is then paid out directly to the child.

Unlike with adult  injuries which generally have to be brought within 3 years of the injury occurring, , the normal time limits do not run, and will only start doing so on the child’s 18th birthday. This means that, normally, someone who is injured whilst a child does not have to bring a claim until their 21st birthday.

Medical negligence claims involving children regularly occur from errors in treatment and delays in diagnosing typical childhood illnesses and infections. If these conditions are left untreated, this could lead to a permanent disability or even death.

Young children are particularly at risk of injury arising out of delays in diagnosis and incorrect treatment, as they often cannot communicate how they feel and their symptoms are overlooked.

This includes:

  • Delays in diagnosis of Meningitis
  • Developmental delay caused by birth injury or trauma (click here to read more on birth injury)
  • Delays in diagnosing fractures
  • Problems with vision
  • Delay in diagnosis of appendicitis
  • Perforated appendix
  • Surgical problems when removing tonsils
  • Delays in diagnosis of cancer
  • Delays in diagnosis of seizures
  • Delays in diagnosis of childhood diabetes, epilepsy or asthma
  • Delays in diagnosis of congenital problems such as kidney and heart problems

Whether you are a parent of a child who has been injured or a young adult who was injured as a child, contact us today using the call back form to the right to find out whether or not you may have a claim for compensation.