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New proposals over congenital heart surgery

Posted By admin - 27th July 2015

A review by NHS England has suggested a number of new proposals after previous efforts to reduce the number of units performing delicate heart operations on very sick children in England led to acrimony and loss in confidence in the system. The review examined surgery for adults as well as […]

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Medical Negligence Claims – What You Should Know

Posted By admin - 10th May 2012

Pursuing a claim for medical negligence is often a long and complex process. When considering whether to pursue a claim for compensation, it is important to remember that negligence at law is not the same thing as negligence in everyday language. In everyday language, the word negligence is often used to explain […]

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Why victims should claim compensation for their brain damage injury

Posted By admin - 26th March 2012

Figures show that there are over 125,000 people suffering with brain damage in the UK. A brain injury will often have devastating consequences for the individual affected, their relatives and friends; it can lead to a complete change in lifestyle, place a strain on relationships and create financial difficulties. Such an injury […]

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