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Leicestershire Law’s Leading Ladies on the cover of LLS Magazine

Posted By admin - 21st September 2015

The latest edition of Leicestershire Law Society Magazine features the past, present and future female presidents of Leicestershire Law Society, including our very own Mehmooda Duke, who is the current president.  Mehmooda has been president since May 2015 and is the first Asian female president of LLS. Read the magazine […]

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New proposals over congenital heart surgery

Posted By admin - 27th July 2015

A review by NHS England has suggested a number of new proposals after previous efforts to reduce the number of units performing delicate heart operations on very sick children in England led to acrimony and loss in confidence in the system. The review examined surgery for adults as well as […]

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Montgomery v Lanarkshire Health Board childbirth case brought to the UK Supreme Court

Posted By admin - 20th March 2015

The recent ruling by the UK Supreme Court confirmed women’s right to autonomy when it comes to childbirth. On 1 October 1999 Nadine Montgomery had a vaginal delivery. However, Ms. Montgomery’s son had shoulder dystocia, during the birth. This deprived him of oxygen, which led to him being born with […]

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‘Lethal mix’ of failings at Morecambe Bay Hospitals

Posted By admin - 9th March 2015

A catalogue of poor care led to criticism of the health watchdogs set up to protect NHS patients when things don’t go according to plan. A report on the scandal of mother and baby deaths which occurred at the hospital was released last week and found that at least 11 […]

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600% increase in government court fees will prevent some victims from making a claim

Posted By admin - 5th March 2015

A new government proposal would mean many victims of medical negligence won’t be able to afford to issue court proceedings, including a young girl who was left with severe brain damage when doctors failed to diagnose her case of meningitis. This is just one of the numerous case studies that have […]

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Mother dies after waiting 12 hours for NHS to respond

Posted By admin - 25th February 2015

A devastated son wants to know why he found his mother dead in her living room, when she had called a medical helpline to request help over 9 hours beforehand. Ann Walters, 61, had a hole in her heart and lived at her home in St Piran’s Avenue, Baffins, Portsmouth, where […]

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NHS staff required to fill in “ludicrous” 7 page NHS form (including suicide risk and human rights assessment) just to move a printer

Posted By admin - 17th February 2015

To ensure that smaller minorities were not offended, NHS staff were forced to fill out a 7 page form that also included a suicide risk and human rights assessment. In an illustration of the politically correct bureaucracy strangling the health service, staff had to consider the possible human rights implications […]

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Large-Scale Investigation Into Avoidable Deaths Means Thousands Of NHS Medical Records Will Be Re-Examined

Posted By admin - 11th February 2015

Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt recently announced that a study will be taking place into avoidable deaths. Investigators will scour through the case files of around 2,000 patients who died last year to confirm if there was more that could and should have been done to save their lives. After announcing the […]

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NHS Fife Hit With £17 Million In Negligence Claims

Posted By admin - 6th February 2015

A recent Freedom of Information request has revealed that the NHS Fife is facing a total of £17 million in negligence claims, including some from its own staff. On the 17th December 2014, the health board were faced with 116 active cases, 31 of which are being lodged by its own […]

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Finances Called Into Question At West London Mental Health Trust As Broadmoor Hospital Overspends By £4m

Posted By admin - 28th January 2015

Independent investigators have been brought in to look at allegations of overspending and fraud at the hospital Broadmoor high-security hospital looks after some of the most violent criminals in the country and provides services for over 20,000 patients per year in total. However, the hospital is now in the middle […]

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