X -V- University Hospitals Of Leicester NHS Trust

Posted By admin - 9th September 2013

Moosa-Duke Solicitors have this month successfully concluded a claim which arose as a result of poor nursing and medical care at Leicester Royal Infirmary.

Mr X saw a local GP complaining of vomiting copious amounts of green bile. He was diagnosed with a water infection and poor kidney function and referred to Leicester Royal Infirmary where he was admitted. CT Scans of the Abdomen and Pelvis indicated a mechanical obstruction. Mr X was tested for MRSA; test results were initially negative.

Mr X underwent surgery to relieve the suspected obstruction of the bowel. Subsequent MRSA tests showed MRSA was present and further tests remained positive. The vomiting persisted as soon as food was reintroduced. The cause of the vomiting was explored by considering the overall clinical picture supported by tests, including x-rays, stool samples and blood tests.  Mr X was diagnosed with a paralytic ileus.

No steps were taken to feed him other than orally despite this diagnosis. He was unable to keep any food down and became more weak and unwell. Whilst it is recognised that he had a significant past medical history, being diabetic along with a history of previous myocardial infarction his progress post surgery was slow and sadly Mr X Died within 6 weeks of surgery.

This claim was brought about by the estate of Mr X. Mr X died and his family brought an action against the Trust. The Trust acknowledged that serious errors had been made and compensation was paid to the estate of Mr X.