Suture Left In Body During Insertion Of A Stent – Client Receives Compensation For Medical Negligence

Posted By admin - 20th December 2012

As a result of medical negligence at the Leicester General Hospital our client was left with a suture in his body for over ten months causing him excruciating pain. He recovered £15,000 for his pain, suffering and loss of amenity.

Our client was diagnosed with early stages of bladder cancer and received treatment for this. The treatment resulted in swelling of the kidney (hydronephrosis) which is a known complication. It was whilst treating this complication that a suture (a thread) broke and a piece of this was retained in our client’s body.  It was not noted by the medical team that a piece of the suture was missing.

Our client suffered intense pain during the following ten months before the suture was detected in his body. He attended his hospital and GP numerous times. He had several admissions to hospital and eleven invasive investigations over the ten months, submitting him to unnecessary invasive procedures.

The Trust admitted that there was a 5 month delay in removing the suture and that their urological team should have picked up the retained suture earlier.

Ms Duke managed to negotiate compensation of £15,000 for the client. This is much higher than the amount of damages usually recovered for cases of this nature.