Successful Settlement Following Ruptured Appendix

Posted By admin - 25th June 2020

Moosa-Duke Solicitors have recently settled the case of Mr X following a delay in diagnosing appendicitis. He developed abdominal pain and sought assistance from an urgent care centre; however, he was told that there was nothing to worry about and his symptoms were dismissed as being due to constipation.


Mr X called an ambulance the next day as his pain intensified but he was advised that he did not need to go to hospital. Mr X’s appendix ruptured the following day and he was rushed into hospital for surgery to have the appendix removed.  Mr X subsequently suffered an infection.


Both the urgent care centre and the ambulance service conceded that they should have referred Mr X to hospital.  The medical expert evidence was that if Mr X was referred to hospital earlier, he would have avoided the ruptured appendix, infection and the associated pain and he would have been discharged sooner.


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