Successful Claim Against Hospital Trust Following Failures in Management of Patient Care

Posted By admin - 16th August 2018

Moosa-Duke Solicitors succeeded in a claim on behalf of the Executors of the Estate of Mr X, who suffered a deterioration in health whilst an inpatient under the care of a Hospital Trust.  His health worsened further after being discharged to an unsuitable residential home, where he ultimately died.

On the advice of his GP,  Mr X was admitted to hospital.  On admission he suffered with various conditions including Parkinson’s disease, urine incontinence, hypertension, chronic kidney disease, poor mobility as well as experiencing periods of confusion and memory loss.

During the 4 weeks that he was an inpatient under the Hospital Trust, Mr X suffered 2 pressure ulcers on his sacrum.

It was the Claimant’s case that there was a failure in the management of the discharge process.  The Trust did not adequately assess the needs of Mr X prior to discharge and they also failed to engage with Mr X’s family and social services.  As a result of these failings, Mr X was discharged to a residential home that was ill equipped to cater for his nursing needs.

Whilst in the residential home, Mr X’s pressure ulcers persisted, his confusion increased and he suffered significant weight loss.  Mx X also had undiagnosed epilepsy and he suffered repeated sever fits in the residential home.

With the correct management, Mr X would have been discharged to a residential care facility equipped to meet his needs.  He would not have suffered a deterioration in his health, which hastened his death.

The claim was originally defended by the Hospital Trust, but after serving court proceedings, the case was ultimately settled.