Successful case following fatal delay in the diagnosis of cancer of the ureter

Posted By Kirsty Dakin - 8th September 2021

What Happened to Mr X?

Mr X, was the victim of a negligent delay in the diagnosis of cancer of the ureter.

Mr X

  • had difficulties urinating and noticed blood when passing urine.
  • attended hospital and cancerous tumours were detected in his ureter.
  • underwent a course of BCG, an immunotherapy treatment for treating early-stage uretic and bladder cancer.
  • Following this treatment, he had a CT Urogram, a specialist imaging exam used to evaluate a patient’s kidneys and urinary system.
  • was advised that there was no evidence of cancer and required no further immunotherapy treatment – This was in fact incorrect unbeknown to Mr X and only discovered by Moosa – Duke Solicitors on investigation.

The following year, the cancer returned.  Mr X needed a nephroureterectomy, a procedure to remove his bladder.

Four months later, the cancer spread to his liver, and chemotherapy was no longer a possibility. Mr X sadly passed away the following week.

Mr X’s wife contacted Moosa Duke Solicitors after his death.

Moosa – Duke investigated the treatment and found that the initial CT Urogram was wrongly read and action should have been taken. This was negligent.

The outcome of the negligence

It resulted in

  1. an 18-month delay in diagnosis and treatment
  2. unnecessary major surgery
  3. unnecessary death.

Preventing future negligence – Lessons Learned

Moosa Duke Solicitors achieved a six-figure settlement for the family of Mr X. The Trust conceded negligence and an 18 month delay and confirmed that action is being taken to reduce the risk of this happening again to other patients in the future.

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