Poor Nursing Care Standards Leads To A Gangrenous Foot – Compensation Of £25,000 For Medical Negligence

Posted By admin - 20th October 2012

A gentleman from Ireland contacted us to investigate a claim for medical negligence.

We were instructed to investigate a claim for medical negligence arising out of the care that our client’s wife had received whilst a patient of the University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust and NHS Leicestershire County & Rutland Primary Care Trust.

Our client’s wife had suffered a stroke which affected the right side of her brain although her mental capacity remained intact. Our client’s wife was known to suffer from pressure sores and blisters. Despite this she was incorrectly assessed as being not susceptible to sores and blisters. Thereafter there was a catalogue of nursing errors which resulted in further pressure sores. A particularly nasty ulcer on her toes  became gangrenous. Our client’s wife was informed that her foot would require amputation but before this took place she passed away.  Her passing was not connected to the negligence.

Our client followed the hospital’s complaint’s procedure and his complaint was considered by the Health Service Ombusdman. The Ombusdan found that the standard of care provided by the Hospitals fell far below the standards of care provided in the NICE guidelines.

The  University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust and The Primary Care Trust acknowledged several errors and acknowledged therefore that there had been medical negligence.  Our client was offered the sum of £25,000 by way of compensation for his wife’s pain, suffering and loss of amenity which he accepted.