Moosa – Duke Solicitors win another case against University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust.

Posted By admin - 8th September 2014

Bladder Damage During Hysterectomy

Our client, Ms X had a hysterectomy which was performed at the Leicester Royal Infirmary. The surgeon injured her bladder and over a period of a few days her condition deteriorated and the injured bladder developed a fistula or hole.

Following the surgery Ms X had difficulty passing urine and complained of pain in her stomach and in her back.  She was advised that she had an infection was prescribed antibiotics.  Whilst at home her symptoms deteriorated until she eventually lost control of her bladder.

The on call GP that visited her said the symptoms were normal following a hysterectomy procedure.  Over the course of the following week Ms X’s symptoms deteriorated even further.  She contacted her GP and she was referred back to hospital.

At the hospital investigations revealed a leak in her bladder.

She required further surgery to repair the damage which had been caused.

As a result of the complications our client struggled emotionally and physiologically.

She still suffers with anxiety that her bladder could collapse at any time and occasionally experiences leaks when her bladder is full. Ms X is also very conscious of the amount of fluid that she can drink as she fears that she will need to continuously use the toilet; this has had a major impact on her social life.

Ms X’s has also become very dependent on those around her and as a result of the treatment she received, she had lost her independence.

Liability was denied throughout by the Defendant’s solicitors and proceedings were issued.  Moosa-Duke solicitors fought the case for four years and eventually, the Defendant’s solicitor’s settled the claim.

Liability was never admitted but the defendant’s paid out £60,000 to Ms X in settlement of her claim.