Moosa-Duke Helps Claimant Recover Damages for Extravasation Injury

Posted By admin - 6th August 2018

We successfully concluded a claim for our client who suffered an extravasation injury following the administration on an anti-sickness drug, Cyclizine, which was administered through a cannula.

The nurse administering the drug missed the vessel into which it was intended and the drug went into the surrounding tissues instead.

Despite our client being in extreme pain, it took the hospital staff some time to recognise and act on this before flushing the tissue with saline.

Our client suffered a significant chemical burn and had to undergo surgery to clean the wound and remove the dead tissue. She was left with a significant scar, measuring around 7 inches, down virtually the entire length of her forearm.

If the extravasation had been recognised and acted on more quickly, the injury could have been avoided.