Key Hole Surgery – Client Receives Compensation

Posted By admin - 17th April 2012

Earlier this month, Moosa – Duke Solicitors successfully concluded a claim for medical negligence against The University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust resulting in the NHSLA paying out compensation.

Our client had attended hospital and had been informed that an emergency operation was required as there were concerns about a potential ectopic pregnancy. She was therefore admitted for a laparoscopic salpingectomy (key hole surgery to remove the fallopian tube where the ectopic pregnancy was).

Following this operation, our client was left unattended on a commode whilst still feeling drowsy from the anaesthetic used in the operation.  She collapsed onto the floor from the commode and her condition deteriorated. An ultrasound was done and this showed that there was a collection of fluid in her abdomen. It became apparent that our client had suffered considerable internal bleeding and was therefore rushed into theatre for a further operation to stop the bleeding.

Also, following the operation, our client developed an internal infection, the hospital having failed to provide antibiotics post operatively. After a period of recovery, our client was discharged home. However, due to dangerously low iron levels, she had to be readmitted to hospital for a blood transfusion.

It was alleged that the claim arose as a result of the negligent key hole surgery.