GP Delayed Diagnosis Of Heart Failure – Resulting In Death

Posted By admin - 28th January 2013

HeartIn August 2004, Mr Clarke went to see his GP because he had been suffering from chest pains for the past few weeks. He was advised that the pain was caused by indigestion and prescribed medication for heartburn.

However, the chest pains continued. Mr Clarke consulted his GP again a few weeks later and, again, he was told it was indigestion.

By early September, Mr Clarke was telling family members that the pain was so bad that it was making him feel breathless. He therefore went back to his GP, who reassured him once more that the pains were nothing serious.

On 12th September 2004, Mr and Mrs Clarke flew to Spain for a planned holiday. On arrival, Mr Clarke was breathless and unwell. In the early hours of 13th September 2004, Mr Clarke began to complain of increased pain and difficulty breathing. A doctor was summoned. Sadly, Mr Clarke passed away before he arrived.

A post-mortem revealed that Mr Clarke died of acute heart failure.

Moosa-Duke Solicitors investigated the claim and established that the care provided to Mr Clarke fell below the expected standard. The claim succeeded in favour of Mr Clarke’s widow.