Failure To Diagnose Fracture In A&E – Client Receives £60,000

Posted By admin - 15th November 2013

Mr Z fell from his bicycle and injured his lower leg. The following day, his leg was painful, red and swollen. He therefore attended the Accident & Emergency department at his local hospital. No x-ray was requested or carried out and Mr Z was discharged later the same day with a diagnosis of cellulitis and a prescription of antibiotics.

Approximately two weeks later, Mr Z returned to the Accident & Emergency department as he continued to experience pain and swelling in his leg. Again, no x-ray was requested and Mr Z was told that he had a soft tissue injury. He was advised to rest and apply ice to the affected area.

However, Mr Z continued to experience pain and swelling. He therefore returned to the Accident & Emergency department a few days later and insisted that an x-ray was taken. A fracture was identified and Mr Z underwent an operation. Mr Z developed a number of infections whilst recovering and he has now been left with pain, scarring and reduced mobility.

Moosa-Duke Solicitors investigated the standard of care that Mr Z received and found that it fell below the standard which would be considered reasonable. Moosa-Duke Solicitors have this month recovered £60,000 in compensation for Mr Z.