Failure to diagnose Pneumonia and MRSA

Posted By admin - 30th April 2018

Our client, Mrs X, sadly lost her daughter, Y (a minor) aged 4 as a result of a failure to diagnose pneumonia and MRSA.

On 23.07.13, Y was seen by her GP practice as a result of vomiting and a temperature for the preceding 24 hours. Mrs X was advised to take Y to the hospital should her symptoms fail to improve.

Y’s symptoms did not improve and she was taken to the hospital on 28.03.13.  However she was discharged the following day with a prescription for ibuprofen.

On 30.07.13, Y’s symptoms deteriorated and she developed a rash. She was taken to the hospital.  Y was discharged the same day with a prescription for Piriton and a diagnosis of a respiratory disorder was made.

On 01.08.13, Y’s symptoms worsened and she was rushed to the hospital with shortness of breath. Within hours of arrival, Y appeared to be in a septic shock and her health deteriorated significantly. Y suffered a cardiac arrest and sadly passed away.

This was a challenging and difficult case as no amount of damages can compensate for the loss of a loved one. Moosa-Duke Solicitors fought the case for 3 years.   The hospital did not admit liability however we were able to secure a five figure settlement for Mrs X.