Death of Baby through negligence at birth

Posted By admin - 27th September 2018

Our clients, Mr and Mrs X, sadly lost their baby, Y soon after birth as a result of errors with the birth.

Mrs X went into labour.  She was taken to theatre for an assisted delivery, failing which a caesarean section would have been undertaken.

The doctor tried to deliver baby Y using ventouse suction, however applied a number of pulls, greater than the number permitted by National Guidance and the Hospital’s own Guidance.

As a consequence, baby X suffered a subgaleal haemorrhage which led to her death, one day later.

An inquest into the death of baby X was held.  Even after the inquest, the Hospital Trust did not settle the claim and instead forced our clients to prove their case by way of obtaining independent expert evidence, a cost that could have been avoided had the Trust accepted liability.

Independent expert evidence confirmed that there was a delay in identifying the subagaleal haemorrhage and commencing treatment; had appropriate treatment been provided, baby X would have survived. Evidence was obtained from independent experts in the areas of Obstetrics & Gynaecology, Neonatology and Midwifery.

This was a challenging and difficult case, dealt with compassion and sensitivity throughout.  No amount of damages can compensate for the loss of a loved one. Moosa-Duke Solicitors fought the case for 3 years.  Despite the fact that the hospital did not admit liability, we were able to secure a five figure settlement for Mr and Mrs X.