Client Recovers Over £50,000 For Negligent Knee Replacement Surgery

Posted By admin - 15th November 2013

Mr A was a keen sportsman in his youth and was a carer for his disabled wife. He had a long standing history of knee pain and therefore in July 2009 decided to undergo a knee replacement.

Mr A was in continuous pain following the surgery and was worried that despite extensive physiotherapy he was unable to walk without pain. He also thought that his leg seemed to be set at an odd angle. Mr A was unable to continue with his responsibilities as a carer or the acts of daily living.

Mr A therefore sought a second medical opinion privately. He was informed that the initial knee surgery was carried out negligently and that his knee had been set at an incorrect angle. Mr A was told that this was the reason he was in continuous pain and that he needed a further operation to rectify this.

In August 2010 he underwent revision surgery.  The old incision was reopened and it was found to be infected requiring a lengthy treatment with antibiotics.

Following the revision surgery, although the misalignment was rectified Mr A continued to have pain in his knee.

A claim for Clinical Negligence was pursued by Moosa-Duke Solicitors and the Defendant, Peterborough and StamfordHospital’s NHS Trust admitted liability for negligently performing the original surgery.

Moosa – Duke Solicitors investigated the claim and negotiated a settlement of over £50,000 for Mr A’s pain, suffering and loss of amenity to include the psychological impact of the injury.