Accident & Emergency

There are over 20 million attendances at accident and emergency (A&E) departments each year.

Generally the reasons for bringing a claim against A&E are:

  • Missed Fractures
  • Missed DVT
  • Missed Cauda Equina
  • Missed Heart Attacks
  • Missed Meningitis
  • Ruptured Appendix
  • More…

Have you/someone you know suffered because:

  • Your problem was not diagnosed and you had to go back to hospital?
  • The A&E department failed to see that you had a fracture or fail to send you for an X-ray when you had a fracture?
  • There was a delay in treatment that led to someone dying or having a heart attack or Pulmonary Embolus?
  • Someone in A&E failed to identify a condition and made the wrong diagnosis e.g. Failed to diagnose and treat CaudaEquina Syndrome/ missed a fracture/missed a DVT
  • Someone incorrectly read x-ray (orthopaedic injuries, chest pathology)
  • Someone failed to act on results of tests/investigations done in A&E
  • And more….these are just examples.

Case Studies

Failure To Diagnose Fracture in A&E – “Mr Z fell from his bicycle and injured his lower leg. The following day, his leg was painful, red and swollen. He therefore attended the Accident & Emergency department at his local hospital. No x-ray was requested or carried out and Mr Z was discharged later the same day with a diagnosis of cellulitis and a prescription of antibiotics.” Read the full case study here

MRSA – Client Receives Compensation – “Moosa – Duke Solicitors have recently secured compensation for a client in a claim for medical negligence against a hospital in Leicestershire” – Read the full case study here.

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