What Our Clients Say About Us

What our clients say about us

The Firm

Moosa – Duke Solicitors were professional, straightforward and understanding of my needs. All the information given to me was presented in a friendly, straightforward and personal way. Whenever I was worried, whomever I spoke to was knowledgeable, calm and reassuring; they always put my mind at rest. They always made me feel like nothing I said was ever silly.

Every member staff was really warm, approachable, and dealt with me with kindness and empathy.  Everyone does above and beyond what I expected and hoped.

Moosa-Duke Solicitors has a family feel to it and I felt that my needs as a person were always put before my needs as a client. My claim lasted for four years and the staff at Moosa-Duke Solicitors has become an extended family.

Moosa- Duke Solicitors are not just a firm of solicitors; they have really tried to boost awareness and thus prevention of Cauda Equina Syndrome (CES) with people and doctors. They are not all talk and have taken action by volunteering for events, raising funds for the charity and promote awareness of the syndrome on their website.  I do not think any other firm would do as much as Moosa-Duke Solicitors do for their clients. I have no hesitation in recommending Moosa-Duke Solicitors.

Mehmooda Duke

Not only is Ms Duke an excellent solicitor, she is a supportive, caring and kind person. I felt like I was in safe hands throughout my claim, she explained every aspect to me and I always felt that she was fighting very hard on my behalf. I trusted her completely and I was sure she would do her utmost for me. She achieved a sizeable settlement and helped me to get an apology from the hospital regarding my treatment.

Ms Duke recently asked me to come with her to see a lady who had recently been diagnosed with the same condition as me. Ms Duke asked me because she was worried about how distraught the lady, who had just been diagnosed, was.  She thought that the lady needed me more than her as a lawyer at this stage.

I went along to the meeting with Ms Duke. We drove out to west Yorkshire to see the lady.

I spoke to the lady. This was the first time the lady had ever spoken to anyone with CES. I had the opportunity to talk her through practical things like how to use a catheter. The lady found it very helpful and said to me that it was the best thing that anybody had ever done. It was very sensitive and thoughtful of Ms Duke to arrange the meeting and I do not think any other solicitor would even think to do something like that.

The positive experience I had with my claim made it easier for me to understand what has happened to me. This in turn has allowed me to help other sufferers. I have become a trustee of the national Cauda Equina Syndrome UK charity. I was introduced to the Charity through Ms Duke. I would never have had the confidence to do this on my own and Ms Duke has helped boost my confidence, and allowed me to help other people.

I think everybody should have a Ms Duke in their lives. She made a big difference to my life!

Michelle Hughes (nee Chapman) – Leicester

“The entire Moosa-Duke team were always approachable, friendly and understanding, exactly what I needed when I first approached them. I felt very embarrassed about my injury at first, but from the start I felt that everybody took my case seriously. I was able to pick up the phone at any time and express my concerns and worries. I was always professionally dealt with and was never made to feel like I was wasting anybody’s time.

My case lasted for 5 years and it was an emotionally difficult time for me. At times I did feel frustrated at how long things were taking, but I always knew that they were working hard behind the scenes. I know that no stone was left unturned whilst my case was being investigated.

The medical experts that I was sent to were excellent, it was obvious that they were at the top of their field. Had I never started litigation, and been advised by the medical expert, it is unlikely that would have been offered the option of having the surgery that I had. 

I was kept well updated and had several meetings with Ms Duke so I was able to ask any questions that I had.

I overall had a brilliant experience and I am so glad I chose Moosa-Duke Solicitors over other law firms.  It is evident that they are specialists in their field, they are professional and knowledgeable.

My case was handled by three different solicitors whilst at MDS, Ms Kotecha started my claim, Mrs Baruchi then took over and  Ms Duke completed my case. I received an excellent standard of care from all three of them. I felt that all three solicitiors were well aware of what had happened in my case and they all advised me competently and thoroughly.

Ms Duke was also assisted by other members of the firm and they were always professional, kind and considerate. I spoke to Ms Duke’s assistant Alpa on many occasions and was impressed at how thorough she was. 

I felt that Ms Duke cared for me as a person and it did not feel at all mercenary. I felt that she was really working for me, especially at the end. I trusted Ms Duke implicitly and was happy to accept her advice as it felt like she was pushing my best interests as a person not just a client.

Ms Duke was always well prepared and I always felt that she was two steps ahead of the other side. I am glad that Ms Duke was on my side and not the other side.

I knew that Mehmooda and Alpa were genuinely doing the best for me and that we were genuinely pleased about the settlement they achieved for me”.

K – Leicester

Case Settled for £300,000 in December 2013

Charity Events

“With the help of Moosa-Duke Solicitors we held our first official event which was a tea-party. This event exceeded our expectations particularly with the amount of money that we raised”.

Help with our first Conference

“Moosa-Duke Solicitors helped CES UK Charity organise their first conference.

With the help of Moosa-Duke Solicitors we created a very ‘inclusive’ environment to make changes rather than putting the medical profession and patient against each other – the atmosphere was one of working together to solve a problem”.

Helping us network with other businesses

“Mehmooda Duke introduced the charity to Fosse Business Breakfast Club FBBC which exposed the charity to key contacts in Leicester which have helped the charity with printing and accountancy needs”.

Legal Help

“Moosa-Duke Solicitors have helped us with our legal information on our website.

They run the legal help line which we have, with Moore Blatch Solicitors”.

Emma Willis – Marketing Manager,  Cauda Equina Syndrome UK Charity

Ms Duke was absolutely fantastic.  She got questions answered and we found out things that we did not even know had happened.”

Why I chose Moosa-Duke Solicitors:

I was looking at Becky’s photo, while I had the Yellow Pages in my hand.  I said: Becky I am going to find you a solicitor and get this sorted.  At that point I dropped the closed Yellow Pages which I was holding on the floor as I had started to cry.  It landed on the floor opened on a page with the MDS advert.  My brother looked at me and we looked at each other.  He said: ‘that is Becky’.  I was shocked as I had not even opened the yellow pages to find the solicitor section.”

Christine Tealby

Case about death of an adult daughter with a disability –article in the Leicester Mercury can be provided on request.

You were easy to contact and I got response straight away. I would suggest and if in future if I needed this service I would come here first.

KR – Leicester