Moosa-Duke Solicitors Receives Band 1 Ranking From Independent Review Organisation

Posted By admin - 2nd November 2016

Chambers and Partners are an independent organisation that have been ranking the best lawyers since 1990, and now cover 185 jurisdictions. They have a strong editorial and research team that assesses the world’s business lawyers, obtaining reviews and feedback from all those that interact with them. Moosa-Duke Solicitors have been […]

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Government Announces New Birth injuries Compensation Scheme

Posted By admin - 23rd October 2016

The Government has just announced a new compensation scheme which may help parents in England whose children are injured at birth. The new Rapid Resolution and Redress scheme, which is out for consultation, is intended to allow medical staff to speak openly about failings in maternity care, to learn from […]

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NHS negligence claims hit £1.4bn

Posted By admin - 3rd October 2016

Analysis by the BBC based on figures released by the NHS Litigation Authority shows that NHS trusts in England paid out more than £1.4bn in medical negligence claims last year compared to £583m in 2008 The NHSLA is a not-for-profit part of the NHS. It manages negligence and other claims […]

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Moosa-Duke Solicitors supports coroner’s inquest into teenager’s death

Posted By admin - 28th September 2016

Ms Mehmooda Duke of Moosa-Duke Solicitors supported Mr Nigel Halliday and his family at the inquest into their daughter’s death. The 19-year-old was found hanged in a wood near her home on 30th July 2015 after going missing 10 times. The four-day hearing started on 20th September 2016 at Leicester […]

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Clinical Negligence Claims are Falling according to NHSLA figures

Posted By admin - 15th September 2016

New figures released by the NHS Litigation Authority show that the number of clinical negligence claims against the NHS has fallen by almost 5% in the past year. The NHSLA is a not-for-profit part of the NHS. It manages negligence and other claims against the NHS in England on behalf […]

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Almost a third of heart attack patients are initially misdiagnosed

Posted By admin - 30th August 2016

It was reported today that over 33 per cent of heart attack patients in England and Wales were given the wrong initial diagnosis.  Women were 50% more likely than men to have an initial misdiagnosis. University of Leeds conducted the research which examined NHS data on about 600,000 heart attack […]

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Never Events – The serious ‘wholly preventable’ NHS mistakes which have happened more than 1200 times in the last 4 years

Posted By admin - 26th August 2016

According to the NHS, “Never Events are serious incidents that are wholly preventable as guidance or safety recommendations that provide strong systemic protective barriers are available at a national level and should have been implemented by all healthcare providers. However, it has been reported by the Patients Association that over […]

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Sepsis to be treated as a Medical Emergency

Posted By admin - 8th August 2016

New guidance from the National Institute of Health and Care Excellence (NICE) has been issued to GPs and hospital staff demanding that they treat a patient who could potentially have sepsis, in the same way that they would treat a patient that has suffered a heart attack or is suffering […]

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Serious failings identified with 111 helpline

Posted By admin - 1st August 2016

One year old, William Mead died in September 2014 after the 111 non-emergency helpline missed four opportunities to diagnose pneumonia and sepsis that could have saved his life. William’s mother, Melissa Mead, recalls that despite being repeatedly reassured that William’s condition was non-urgent and that the best place for his […]

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NHS to offer free devices and apps to help manages illnesses

Posted By admin - 13th July 2016

The NHS will be providing millions of patients with free devices and apps to help maintain conditions such as diabetes and heart disease in an attempt to reduce patient deaths. The plans have been backed by NHS England’s Chief Executive, Simon Stevens, who believes this is a significant expansion of […]

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