Moosa Duke Solicitors Secure £3million compensation

Posted By admin - 5th August 2014

Moosa Duke Solicitors have in the last 2 weeks secured compensation of £3 million for a mother in a wrongful birth claim where a baby was born with a serious medical condition. The law on wrongful birth claims is very complex, and therefore Moosa Duke solicitors are very pleased with […]

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New discount rate for personal injury and medical negligence claims

Posted By admin - 4th April 2017

Lord Chancellor Elizabeth Truss has introduced a new statutory discount rate under the Damages Act 1996. The discount rate, which has changed from 2.5% to -0.75%, is to be taken into account by the Courts when setting multipliers and calculating damages for future losses in England and Wales. The new […]

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Posted By admin - 21st March 2017

The Care Quality Commission (CQC) have reported in their article ‘Learning, candour and accountability’ that “last year 495,309 deaths were registered in England”. Of these, 232,442 (47%) people died in hospital, with even more dying while receiving services provided by NHS trusts as an outpatient or from community services provided […]

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Moosa-Duke Solictors assists father of three after his wife died from a blood clot

Posted By admin - 20th February 2017

Moosa-Duke Solicitors represented Mr Taylor after the NHS mis-diagnosed a blood clot which caused the death of his wife, Alison, in 2010. The NHS initially denied any wrongdoing, but Moosa-Duke Solicitors fought the case relentlessly for justice. The NHS finally admitted that failure to do a blood test and perform […]

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Defending Indefensible Claims makes NHS legal budget soar – causing even more harm to the innocent victim

Posted By admin - 19th December 2016

Official figures released show that the NHS has set aside £56 billion to pay for medical mistakes made by their staff. This represents almost half of the total NHS budget. The figures have prompted the National Audit Office (NAO) to launch a 6-month investigation as to why this amount of […]

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NHS intensive care units run out of beds

Posted By admin - 6th December 2016

It was reported that in England, 85% of beds available in paediatric intensive care units were full on Friday night. But some units in cities including London and Leicester were forced to declare themselves as “at capacity”. Simon Enright , the Director of Communications at NHS England , tweeted: “It […]

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Report outlines unacceptable conditions at a North-West Trust

Posted By admin - 28th November 2016

A medical report has been released which outlines a review of an NHS trust in the Manchester area where it was stated that clinical errors, bad staff attitudes and chronic shortages were commonplace. The review was carried out by new maternity director at Pennine Acute Hospital NHS trust which operates […]

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More than 132,000 patients did not receive vital NHS cancer care on time

Posted By admin - 7th November 2016

Cancer Research UK have conducted an analysis of NHS-wide performance data for patients in England seen in 2015. This analysis shows that 132,138 patients did not see a cancer specialist within the required 14 days or start treatment such as surgery or radiotherapy within the supposed maximum 31 after diagnosis, […]

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Moosa-Duke Solicitors Receives Band 1 Ranking From Independent Review Organisation

Posted By admin - 2nd November 2016

Chambers and Partners are an independent organisation that have been ranking the best lawyers since 1990, and now cover 185 jurisdictions. They have a strong editorial and research team that assesses the world’s business lawyers, obtaining reviews and feedback from all those that interact with them. Moosa-Duke Solicitors have been […]

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Government Announces New Birth injuries Compensation Scheme

Posted By admin - 23rd October 2016

The Government has just announced a new compensation scheme which may help parents in England whose children are injured at birth. The new Rapid Resolution and Redress scheme, which is out for consultation, is intended to allow medical staff to speak openly about failings in maternity care, to learn from […]

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NHS negligence claims hit £1.4bn

Posted By admin - 3rd October 2016

Analysis by the BBC based on figures released by the NHS Litigation Authority shows that NHS trusts in England paid out more than £1.4bn in medical negligence claims last year compared to £583m in 2008 The NHSLA is a not-for-profit part of the NHS. It manages negligence and other claims […]

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