Moosa Duke Solicitors Secure £3million compensation

Posted By admin - 5th August 2014

Moosa Duke Solicitors have in the last 2 weeks secured compensation of £3 million for a mother in a wrongful birth claim where a baby was born with a serious medical condition. The law on wrongful birth claims is very complex, and therefore Moosa Duke solicitors are very pleased with […]

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NHS placing a halt to mesh operations

Posted By admin - 13th July 2018

A mesh is a net-like fabric which can be attached into the wall of the vagina to act as a scaffold to provide permanent support to weakened organs, such as the bladder to manage symptoms of incontinence or conditions such as prolapses. It has been  reported that more than 100,000 […]

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NHS found to be “below-average” for prevention of fatal illnesses

Posted By admin - 9th July 2018

A recent independent analysis, produced for the BBC, found that the NHS has fallen behind other countries with regard to treating “common, life-threatening illnesses”. The report states that the UK is performing ‘below-average’ in the prevention of death from heart attacks, strokes and cancer. The NHS was described as a […]

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NHS staff fear of dismissal or litigation due to blame culture of NHS

Posted By admin - 3rd July 2018

NHS staff are facing fears of dismissal or litigation as a result of raising the alarm about mistakes made during treatment of patients in hospital. According to the Health Secretary, Jeremy Hunt, this fear has resulted in “hundreds of deaths at Gosport War Memorial hospital which could have been prevented […]

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Ministry of Justice Looking to Expand Legal Aid to Bereaved Families

Posted By admin - 25th June 2018

As recently reported in the Law Society Gazette, the Ministry of Justice has announced that guidance for its legal aid safety net, will be amended to make it easier for families of people who have died in custody to receive public funding for representation at inquests. The scope of legal […]

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New measures designed to improve patient safety to be announced following case of a doctor being struck off

Posted By admin - 18th June 2018

The BBC has recently reported that the Health Secretary, Jeremy Hunt, will announce new measures designed to both improve patient safety and protect doctors. These new measures have emerged after Dr Hadiza Bawa-Garba was struck off after being found guilty of mistakes contributing to the death of a six-year old […]

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Immunotherapy transforming the treatment for cancer

Posted By admin - 12th June 2018

A recent article from the BBC states that immunotherapy is transforming the treatment for cancer. Typically when a patient has cancer, it attacks their immune system. Certain tumours can still remain due to a protein called PD-L1, which will switch off the part of the immune system that attacks the […]

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High Court rules Metal Hip Replacements not ‘defective’

Posted By admin - 4th June 2018

Hundreds of claimants were left disappointed today after the high court ruled that the metal on metal hip replacements they had received were not ‘defective’. Mrs Justice Geraldine Andrews ruled that the hip replacements were not responsible for the appearance of “abnormal” responses in some patients. This comes after hundreds […]

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Serious Concerns Raised Over Treatment of Lower Back Pain

Posted By admin - 29th May 2018

3 new international studies reported in the Lancet, have raised serious concerns regarding the increasing use of high-tech interventions to treat lower back pain. The papers claim that often surgery, injections and dangerous opioid drugs are used to treat lower back pain for the benefit of ‘vested interests’, rather than […]

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Antibiotics causing severe allergic reactions in surgery

Posted By admin - 21st May 2018

A new survey by the Royal College of Anaesthetists (RCOA) has found antibiotics are the main cause of life-threatening allergic reactions during surgery. More patients are claiming to be allergic to penicillin – this is leading to riskier antibiotics being used. Anaphylaxis, (often caused by alternate drugs to penicillin such […]

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4 in 10 online GP firms are not providing safe care

Posted By admin - 14th May 2018

Private online GP services have recently been investigated by the Care Quality Commission (CQC). The CQC is an independent regulator of all health and social care services in England. The online GP services enable patients to book appointments, order repeat prescriptions, access their records and view clinical correspondence. There are […]

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